Meet the Artists

About Em Lyn and Alyson Wise, the creators behind A Crow's Comforts.

What's so special about crows?

Crows belong to an incredibly intelligent species of bird called corvids. They are able to use tools, remember faces, and pass memories down to future generations. They even hold funerals to mourn their loved ones!

When crows form strong bonds with another crow or a human, they bring them shiny treasures like coins, keys, and rocks. It's in that spirit that we offer an eclectic mix of oddities, wire-wrapped jewelry, and prints, along with materials for crafts and spellwork.

Em Lyn

Hi friends!

I'm Em, a disabled, nonbinary creative and green witch with a fascination for all the odd and underappreciated beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. I use she/they pronouns. Bones, bugs, and shiny things are just some of the things the fae would use to lure me into a fairy ring.

A Crow's Comforts was hatched in 2022 alongside my best friend, Alyson. We both needed expression and community, so we created a business crafting eclectic art that honors the earth. I specialize in oddity displays, bone sculptures, insect preservation, and bringing my friends pretty crystals. I'm currently expanding my skills in beetle cleaning and bone articulation.

I am also a tarot reader and intuitive energy worker with over 4 years of experience honing my ability to channel messages and commune with our guides and ancestors. I started using the cards as a way to be mindful of my feelings. What I found was that strengthening my intuitive led to a deeper connection with myself, the cosmic, and the earth around me.

The world is a strange and wonderful place. I'm here to be a steward to the earth and a witness to her

A Crow's Corner

Alyson Wise

Em and I met in 2013 and became fast friends. After almost a decade of friendship, the pieces fell into place for us to create a business together and encourage each other to believe in our art.

I've been an artist for almost my entire life. I loved to draw as a kid and honed my creative skills through high school. As an adult, I began to experiment with different mediums. I find a lot of joy in challenging myself to create in many forms and learning to listen to what wants to be brought to life.

While my primary medium has always been illustration, I have expanded to mixed media, wire-wrapped jewelry, and miniatures. I am working on a new line bone jewelry debuting this summer!

I have a wonderful husband and daughter, both of whom I am proud to help support with my art. I am a lover of all things horror, My Chem memorabilia collector, and a big fan of tiny bunnies.

Our Roots

A Crow's Comforts was established in 2022 by long-time best friends Em Lyn and Alyson Wise. We pride ourselves on sourcing ethical materials, foraging and processing ourselves wherever possible, with a goal of giving new life to that which would otherwise be discarded or forgotten. We practice sustainable collection to ensure balance with Mother Nature. No creature is harmed to become art!