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Rain Drop Labradorite Pendant

Rain Drop Labradorite Pendant

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Flashy blues and natural grays blend together for a stormy mix of color. This Labradorite pendant is hand wrapped into a wire setting with curled embellishments.

Allow yourself to embrace mental and spiritual clarity to weather any storm while wearing this stunning piece.

Measures approx 3.5" long and approx 1" wide. Your jewelry will come energetically charged with the intentions above. If you'd like it charged with a specific intention, reach out to us by email at

*All of our wire used in our wire wrapped jewelry is made of copper with a silver non-tarnish coating. To keep your jewelry in the best condition and promote longevity, please remove all wire jewelry from your body before bathing, swimming, sleeping, etc. to avoid any possible discoloration to the metals. We greatly appreciate your care for these pieces and your continued patronage!*
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